Sunnetbroadband is a local broadband provider Gourangonagar and Santimoy Nagar near New town Action area 1.They Provide Low cost High speed unlimited broadband packages.Their packages staring at Rupees 472 per Month Which provide 30 Mbps internet speed with unlimited data.There are 6 packages in their small set-up.Now we give a brief information about their Service zone.At the beginning of this blog I ensure you that they are Gourangonagar,New Town  base Broadband service provider ,As I say local Broadband service provider their ability to cover some area those are Pin code 700156,700157,700159,700162 but if you are not located here don't worry about it just call them and tell them your pin code they will provide SUN NET HOTSPOT which is WDS (wireless distribution system ) and you will get your Service.

Broadband Packages They provide :

            1. Package Name: Sun-Basic_30Mbps
                Price cost : 472 Rupees/Month
                Speed : 30 Mb/s
                Data : Unlimited 

           2. Package Name: Sun-Stander_65Mbps
                Price cost : 590 Rupees/Month
                Speed : 65 Mb/s
                Data : Unlimited
           3. Package NameSun-Smart_80Mbps
                Price cost : 708 Rupees/Month
                Speed : 80 Mb/s
                Data : Unlimited  

          4. Package Name: Sun-Prime_100Mbps
                Price cost : 826 Rupees/Month
                Speed : 100 Mb/s
                Data : Unlimited

          5. Package Name: Sun-Gold_120Mbps
                Price cost : 944 Rupees/Month
                Speed : 120 Mb/s
                Data : Unlimited  

          6. Package Name: Sun-Platinum_150Mbps
                Price cost : 1299 Rupees/Month
                Speed : 150 Mb/s
                Data : Unlimited

          7. Package Name: Sun-Diamond SPECIAL_200Mbps
                Price cost : 1499 Rupees/Month
                Speed : 200 Mb/s
                Data : Unlimited


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